As a landscaping element, trees seem to be low maintenance—tthey typically don’t require extra water, fertilizer, or care, and they can add beauty and value to a home or business. However, trees do need a little care and upkeep to keep them healthy, beautiful, and safe. Benefits of Tree Trimming:

  • Allows arborists or tree specialists to inspect the overall health of your trees.
  • Prevents more damage such as wood rot or moisture retention which may occur if trees are left uninspected.
  • Trees that are well-maintained are more resilient & are less likely to be affected by strong storms or excessive high winds.

Palm trees may evoke an atmosphere of warm-breezes and relaxation, but that doesn’t mean that homeowners can relax when it comes to the care of their palms. As palm trees grow, the palm fronds begin to die to make room for new palm fronds to grow in their place, leaving unsightly dead palm fronds dangling from otherwise healthy plants. Because these dead fronds are both unsightly and dangerous, keeping up with your palm frond removal and palm tree trimming is essential in order to keep your trees healthy, promote continued to grow, and improve curb appeal. Luckily,

Our mission is to never recommend tree removal when it is not warranted. Our certified arborists have more experience with hazardous trees than anyone else in our industry. We are properly trained in diagnosing dangerous trees and recognizing factors that may contribute to tree failure. We do not take a biased approach when evaluating trees for risk. Our job is to provide you with all of the facts and help you make an informed decision regarding the safety, health, and appeal of your trees.

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